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Kansas State Cars is Getting a New Look, Just Days Away

By emarketing | Posted in Community, Dealer Information on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 3:27 pm
Car Dealer in Kansas

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Kansas State Cars site, coming soon to a computer screen in-front of you!

Kansas State Cars

At Kansas State Cars we’ve been working behind the scenes to update our website with a completely new look and new shopping tools as well and although the new site doesn’t go live for a few more days we ready to share with your some of what’s in store.  Before we get into what’s to come we’d like to reassure you that we’re still the same great Kansas State Cars you’ve come to know and our efforts are still geared towards supporting K-State Athletics and K-State Alumni Association.  When you make your next vehicle purchase through Kansas State Cars a portion of your purchase will go directly to K-State like always.

Car Dealer in Kansas

The new live search bar on the new Kansas State Cars

Car Dealer in Kansas

Our new live search at work

So what can you expect from the new Kansas State Cars?  Well as you can see in the homepage screen shot at the top you’ll find a completely new look and a new live search feature located right on the home page.  With the new live search feature you can type in the vehicle you’re looking for and we’ll take you directly to it.  For example, we typed in Nissan and the list appeared and you can narrow your search by typing a specific model or year in as well.  You’re sure to save time when shopping Kansas State Cars online with our new live search feature.

Aside from the new live search feature our new look celebrates our K-State Athletics hero’s; athletes like Collin Klein and Chris Harper.  At Kansas State Cars many of us have once walked the grounds of K-State as students at one point and we’re proud of our efforts to give back.  What’s more, when you choose to purchase your vehicle through Kansas State Cars there’s no additional charge to you or increased prices to support the program.  Money comes from a re-allocation of traditional advertising dollars, not from additional fees in your purchase price.  In fact you even enjoy rewards with your vehicle purchase including a voucher for one-year membership to the K-State Alumni Association and 100-Priority Points from K-State Athletics; two valuable and enjoyable rewards.Car Dealer in Kansas

The next time you’re shopping for new cars in Kansas or used cars in Kansas choose Kansas State Cars and make a difference for higher education at K-State with your purchase.  Thank you for checking out our blog and for supporting K-State by choosing Kansas State Cars.

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